Welcome to Virtual Stall

As local markets are being indefinitely interrupted and public gatherings discouraged, we wanted to build a platform for local stall holders to allow their continued trading.  All payments and delivery arrangements are direct between the stall holder and vendor and we take no commission, so if you’d like to support the project please donate to our paypal here ~ Thanks, Danny & Ana.

Featured Stalls of the Week

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Simply browse the stalls and order from your favourite stall holders.  In order to minimise complexity we’ve limited each order you make to a single stall holder – so if you want to buy from multiple stall holders, put multiple orders through (just like you would walking around a market!)  

Registration is optional but if you create an account you won’t have to repeatedly enter the same details for every order!

You will not be asked to pay for your order at checkout, instead the vendor will contact you to arrange payment and delivery directly.

Stall Holders

Please go through the vendor registration process – you can customise your stall, and track sales with a cool dashboard!  When you receive an order please contact the customer to arrange your preferred payment and delivery option.

The service is completely free, please consider making a donation towards our running costs if you make some sales.

Stay safe everyone!